Why A DIY Promotional Video Is A Bad Idea

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Promotional video is a powerful marketing tool that increases the attractiveness of your business. It increases your rate of engagement and also your impression on the market. However, all of this is lost when you approach your promotional videos as a DIY project. Sure, hiring a professional production company can cost you a pretty penny, but doing it yourself can cost you a large portion of prospective clients.

To show you exactly what could go wrong with a DIY promotional video, ARound Robin Production Company has explained two reasons why a DIY promotional video is a bad idea.

1. Missing message
One of the primary issues of doing a DIY promotional video is not being able to highlight your marketing message because the quality of the video is poor (i.e., bad audio, bad video, or the overall look is cheap). Without a clear message, your audience will not understand the purpose of your video, which in turn will affect your engagement rate and impact on your target market. Moreover, it will make you look like an amateur.

2. Poor quality content
A DIY promotional video may save you money, but it doesn’t mean you’ll achieve quality video content. Video filming and production requires skill and experience. Without these essentials, your promotional video will lack the creative magic that compels people to engage with your business.

Do things right - Hire a professional
A professional video producer has the technical skill and knowledge to create a stunning promotional video for a variety of organizations. They take the time to learn your organization’s message and mission and tell it succinctly in video format.

Similarly, using a professional production firm, like the ARound Robin Production Company, you can ensure that your content looks not only professional but is relative to your brand, purpose, and audience. 

At the ARound Robin Production Company in Washington, DC, we help our clients build a vision so that we can deliver a beautiful video that brings their concepts to life. We have many years of experience in video production, we have a robust portfolio and a highly cooperative team that is willing to listen and cater to your needs.

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