Pre Production services

We know how important a video is for your business. It’s a tool that can be used to build trust, and it’s an opportunity to tell the story of your brand, product, or service. But if you’re going to tell your story with video, you need to make sure it’s done right, especially when it comes to the pre-production stage.

Hiring a professional service or outsourcing your video production planning would be a great shot to make it successful.

What Our Pre-Production Service Includes

We research and prepare the type of video for you or your company. Our pre-production service includes;

👉 Consultation

This step involves detailed discussion on the type of video you want, ways to target your intended audience, and detailed project planning for your unique and converting video content.

👉 Script research and idea development

Video script might be a simple pre-production step for you. But for us it is the ground base for every other phase of successful video projects.

From commercial to documentary script writing, we can develop a unique idea that will grasp the attention of the masses.

👉 Scriptwriting

Our script writers can handle any kind of script from animated explainer scripts to narrative script writing. We meticulously take care of this core element of your videos and films.

👉 Budgeting for film or video

This takes time, and has two stages. One is to figure out how much money is needed to complete your video project. The other step is how much money you have to invest in that project. The goal is to complete the video in the minimum amount possible.

This also involves estimation of how much money will be spent on each step.

👉 Locations Scouting

Where will the scenes be shot? A park? A newly built housing scheme or an office? you need to find suitable locations and acquire those for shoot day, and we will help you do that.

Why Choose ARound Robin Pre Production Service?

We’ve worked with dozens of companies just like yours and helped them grow their sales by helping them tell their story through videos.

Our team of film industry professionals will work with you to create the perfect content for your brand or company. Whether you’re looking for an animated explainer video or an inspiring corporate video, we can help bring your vision to life. Our video pre-production service can’t be beaten.

If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s time to get started!

Video Pre Production FAQs

How much does pre production service cost?

Every film production has different requirements at pre pre-production stage. The cost varies depending upon a number of factors. It can only be estimated if we know what services you need. Whether you want us to start from idea development orgoing through the whole process we have you covered.

What do you offer in your pre-production service?

Pre-production stage is the planning stage or base to create a successful film or video. Our pre-production service offers any work that needs to be done on your film or video before full scale production. You may request script writing, location counting and management, talent acquisition, motion boards, consultation on budgeting or anything related to pre-production planning.

How long does it take for the pre-production stage?

There is no rule of thumb for the time period required for this stage. It greatly depends upon the scale of the video project, list of tasks needed to be performed and multiple other aspects.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s get started before the final “Lights, Camera and Action” call given by the director.